Take Some Extra Steps To Keep Your Child's Teeth In Good Condition

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Take Some Extra Steps To Keep Your Child's Teeth In Good Condition

22 September 2020
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As a parent, you, of course, want to do everything you can to get your child off to a good start in life. This could include their schoolwork, but it should also include all aspects of their health, including their dental health. Some kids might need more help than others, though, when it comes to maintaining an oral care routine or taking care of potential dental problems as they develop. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind in order to ensure your child's dental health remains in good shape long into adulthood.

Don't Wait for the Family Dentist to Do It, Look at Your Child's Teeth Yourself

As your child's baby teeth and then adult teeth begin to emerge, don't wait until the next trip to the family dentist to get an assessment. Sure, you're not a dentist, but just about anyone can tell if a tooth is coming in straight or not. Ask your child to open his or her mouth and take a quick glance or ask your child to look themselves once they are older and report any potential problems or just things that don't look quite right.

Consider a Fluoride Treatment to Combat Your Child's Sweet Tooth

Is your child not getting enough fluoride at home? Maybe they don't like rinsing with a fluoride rinse? It might be possible to get your family dentist to apply a fluoride gel directly to your child's teeth. This gel will stick around for a while and anytime your child engages their sweet tooth or drinks something with a lot of acid, it will activate the gel and the fluoride that is released will help combat any negative effects from whatever your child is eating or drinking. Keep in mind though that fluoride treatment is not an excuse for your child to go nuts with sweets. It's there to help out, not to completely prevent anything bad from happening.

Consider a Sealant to Combat Problem Areas

If your child's teeth are not growing in perfectly, he or she might have some valleys or grooves in their teeth where it might be easy for cavities to begin to form. Your family dentist can apply a sealant over these problem areas to keep plaque out and hopefully prevent trouble from developing in the area.

Besides maintaining an oral care routine, you can also help your child with their oral health by talking to a local family dentist about additional treatment options today