What To Expect During Professional Teeth Whitening With Your Dentist

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What To Expect During Professional Teeth Whitening With Your Dentist

11 December 2023
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Everyone wants a bright and beautiful smile. However, yellow or stained teeth can affect your confidence and your overall appearance. If you're ready to upgrade your teeth's cosmetic appeal, professional teeth whitening might be the solution you've been looking for. But before booking your appointment, it's best to know what to expect during the treatment. 

The Initial Consultation

Before your dentist can proceed with the teeth whitening service, they'll need to examine your teeth and your overall dental health. They'll ensure that the treatment is suitable for you and that the stains or discolorations can be resolved by the whitening process. During the initial consultation, be honest and open about any dental concerns you have, such as sensitivity or allergies. Your dentist will tailor the treatment plan to your needs, so communication is key.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

Once your dentist gives you the green light, the teeth whitening process can begin. The treatment uses a bleaching agent that is applied to your teeth. Your dentist will use a special tool to keep your mouth open while applying it. The bleach is activated using a special light or laser that accelerates the whitening process. Depending on the extent of the discoloration, you might need several rounds of bleach application and light activation. The entire procedure usually takes about an hour.

Potential Side Effects

Although teeth whitening is non-invasive, there are still potential side effects. The bleach may cause temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, but these side effects don't usually last long. If you're concerned about potential side effects, speak to your dentist beforehand. They might recommend special toothpaste or mouthwash to alleviate any discomfort. If you have underlying dental conditions or weak enamel, the dentist may suggest alternatives to teeth whitening.

Aftercare Tips

After the procedure, your dentist will advise you on how to take care of your newly whitened teeth. They may advise you to avoid certain foods or drinks that can stain your teeth, such as coffee or red wine. They may also suggest using fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash to protect your teeth and prevent sensitivity. Regular dental checkups and cleanings can also help maintain your brighter, whiter smile.

Longevity of Teeth Whitening

The duration of teeth whitening results relies on several factors, including lifestyle, habits, and the degree of discoloration. If you smoke, drink caffeine or alcohol frequently, or have poor oral hygiene, your teeth might yellow or stain faster. 

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