Why Tooth Extractions May Be The Only Solution

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Why Tooth Extractions May Be The Only Solution

22 July 2021
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At some point, tooth extractions may be necessary to save you from excruciating pain. Whether it's decay or damage, your dentist may recommend pulling out the tooth for several reasons. However, most people fear this procedure on the assumption that it's painful and will distort your facial appearance. There's no need to worry since the dentist applies local anesthesia to numb the area and prescribes pain medication. Besides, there are other procedures such as implants that your doctor may recommend to restore the tooth's function.

Here is why tooth extractions may be the only solution.

Severe Decay

Normally, dentists recommend a root canal procedure for treating tooth decay. However, they may suggest pulling out the tooth if the decay is severe and has infected the pulp. It's the last solution to prevent further infection which can spread to the jawbone and cause other complications. After the removal, other procedures such as implants may follow.

Stuck Molars

In some situations, the gums may fail to erupt and prevent the molar or wisdom teeth from coming out. The dentist numbs the treatment area to ensure it's not painful. Then, they do minor surgery on the gum before extracting the lodged molar. They do this with care to prevent damaging the surrounding teeth or nerves. It can take a few hours depending on how far down the stuck molar is. You'll be given antibiotics to prevent an infection.

Alignment of Teeth

Some people may experience a condition where many teeth overcrowd in the same area. It can affect your self-confidence, especially when talking to people or smiling. Your doctor can suggest removing some teeth and performing other dental procedures to make your mouth look uniform.

A Fracture

A tooth consists of a hard substance to enable it to perform functions like biting and chewing. However, it can fracture due to many reasons, such as biting very tough substances like bones or opening bottle tops. There are various techniques that your doctor may suggest, such as filling or root canal treatment. However, a fracture near your gum line can necessitate an extraction.

If you have a toothache, you don't have to wait until you can't bear it anymore. Visit a dental unit for a full assessment. Depending on the status of the tooth, your doctor will recommend the best treatment. So, think about tooth extractions as the only solution if all other options are not viable. To learn more about tooth extractions, contact a dentist.