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When you start focusing more seriously on dental care, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. From brushing your teeth carefully to identifying different challenges that could come your way, there are all kinds of things to keep in mind when it comes to your dental health. Fortunately, by doing what you can to identify problems and overcome issues, you can pave the way for healthier teeth and gums. For starters, you can start to improve your gum health by flossing regularly. You can also brush more carefully with a toothbrush, with special attention to cleaning your gum line. Check out these simple posts for tips and tricks for avoiding tooth decay.


Tips For An Awesome Next Dental Checkup

2 February 2021
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Whether you're 4 years old or 40 years old, there is something uniquely satisfying about having the dentist tell you "good job" after examining your teeth. You're proud that you've been taking good care of your chompers! So, what steps can you take between now and your next dental visit to ensure the dentist is pleased with the condition of your teeth? Take a look.

Find floss you don't mind using.

You know that flossing is an essential part of your oral care routine, but do you do it every day? Probably not! Most people who avoid flossing do so, at least to some degree, because they have a tough time finding floss that works well for them. If you spend a little time trying different floss options, you'll have an easier time flossing daily, and your dentist is more likely to give you that glowing report. For many people, extra-thin waxed floss works well. Floss picks, which have a little bit of floss strung between two pieces of plastic, also tend to be easier to use.

Time how long you spend on each quadrant of the mouth.

Many people, without realizing it, spend more time brushing certain teeth than others. You may, for instance, spend a lot longer brushing the teeth in the front of your mouth and barely any time brushing in the back. To ensure you get your teeth evenly clean, start timing how long you spend in each quadrant. Set the timer for 30 seconds, and brush the upper left. Select another 30 seconds, and brush the lower left — and so forth. When your mouth is evenly cleaned, your dentist is sure to be impressed.

Stay away from sugar.

Sugar does not just cause cavities. Before it causes cavities, it causes the bacteria in your mouth to go absolutely bonkers, which leads to more plaque formation, which leads to more tartar formation. If you want to show up to your dental appointment with little to no tartar along your gumline, then you need to avoid sugar. Start checking labels before you eat products; many processed foods contain more sugar than you'd think. Drink your coffee or tea black, and instead of drinking juice or soft drinks, enjoy a glass of water.

If you follow the advice above, you are more likely to get a glowing report from the dentist, and that feels good no matter how old you are!

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