4 Tips For Using Home Whitening Strips

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4 Tips For Using Home Whitening Strips

14 July 2020
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Do you want whiter teeth and want to try a home whitening solution? This can be an effective alternative to professional whitening, even if the results take a bit longer for you to see. Follow these tips for using teeth whitening strips to ensure it is done correctly. 

Do The Proper Prep Work

It is important that you read all of the directions for your whitening strips to verify that you are doing what needs to be done. Different whitening strips can have different directions, so don't assume that it will work exactly like how a previous whitening strip was used in the past. 

For example, you may be asked to not brush your teeth prior to using the whitening strips due to the fluoride found in the toothpaste not reacting well with the peroxide gel. Or flossing will be required before you apply the whitening strips to remove any noticeable debris from between your teeth.

Dry Your Teeth

You'll want your teeth to be as dry as possible before you apply a whitening strip. One technique that can work for you is using a towel to wipe down your teeth and get as much saliva off of them. However, all you may need to do is suck in air through your teeth to get the layer of saliva off of them.

Apply The Whitening Strips

When applying the whitening strip to your teeth, you'll want to get them as close as you can to the gums without actually touching them. The whitening strips contain a peroxide gel on them that can cause irritation. It is also important that you follow all the directions for how long to leave the whitening strips on your teeth. Leaving them on for any longer than recommended may not actually get your teeth whiter any faster but instead cause irritation to your gums. 

Remove The Whitening Strips

When the time comes to remove the whitening strips, do it over the sink so that the peroxide gel falls into the sink rather than anywhere else. You should then brush your teeth to remove any of the excess gel that is still on your teeth and can irritate the gums if left on for too long. 

Are your home whitening strips not working as well as you thought, or you simply want faster results? Meet with a cosmetic dentist in your area for a consultation on professional teeth whitening