Are Your Teeth Looking Off Color? 3 Ways Social Distancing Leads To A Need For Teeth Whitening

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Are Your Teeth Looking Off Color? 3 Ways Social Distancing Leads To A Need For Teeth Whitening

22 April 2020
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There are many things to worry about in the midst of the coronavirus, and maintaining social distance is one of the best ways that you can protect your health. While working from home and avoiding parties is a great way to minimize potential exposure to the virus, your efforts at personal safety can also have some damaging effects on your teeth. 

Right now, flattening the curve is your priority, but you should still remember that your teeth will be there long after this is over. Watch out for these three ways that the new social distancing guidelines might impact how you feel about your teeth, and remember that teeth whitening can restore your smile back to normal.

You've Been Drinking or Snacking on Stain-Causing Foods

Being able to eat whenever and whatever you want is one of those fun aspects of staying at home. Whether you enjoyed a glass of red wine during a virtual happy hour with your coworkers or you just can't stay away from blueberries, it is easy to develop new stains on your teeth. For now, try to be cautious about what you put into your mouth on a regular basis. Rinsing your mouth out with water after you drink a stain-causing beverage can reduce discolorations. You'll also want to avoid using over-the-counter treatments until you've talked to your dentist. They can recommend safe treatments for lifting surface stains caused by food and beverages.

You Might be Tempted to Skimp on Toothbrushing

Your new daily schedule might leave room for sleeping in, or you may be working late into the evening hours and falling asleep before you brush your teeth. Try to establish a schedule that allows you to brush your teeth at least twice a day since plaque build up can cause your teeth to develop brown and yellow stains. You can also improve the effectiveness of the stain removal formula when you visit your teeth whitening dentist by also arranging for a professional cleaning that removes built up food particles and plaque.

Your Smile Is More Prominently Displayed

When you think about it, you usually only see your smile briefly during a normal day. You should check for food in your teeth after lunch or smile at yourself before a big meeting. Now that you are at home, you have more opportunities to look at your teeth on the computer screen during virtual meetings. Simply being more aware of your smile may cause you to realize that it needs attention. If you've noticed that your grin looks less than bright, then a professional teeth whitening procedure can help you feel confident as you enjoy your online video chats.