Why Is Getting Braces At A Young Age A Good Idea?

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Why Is Getting Braces At A Young Age A Good Idea?

14 April 2020
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Going through braces treatment at any age can yield a straighter, more perfect-looking smile. So why is it so often recommended that children get braces while they're still young instead of waiting until they become adults? If you've been curious about this yourself, here's what you should know.

Before the Embarrassing Years

Let's face it: the teenage years aren't easy on anyone. It's a time of peer pressure, bodily changes, and embarrassment at every little thing. While having braces doesn't make someone the subject of ridicule, it's not out of the question that your child - by their teenage years - may hate the idea of getting braces. In fact, they may completely refuse to cooperate with it, or your relationship could take a hit if you insist that you get them at that age. This is the reason why if you're going to do it during their childhood, it's better to do it when they're younger.

Easier to Adjust

A simple fact about braces treatment is that it's physically easier on children than it is for adults. While it's possible at any age, children's jaws have just finished growing when they get braces treatment. This makes it significantly easier to encourage teeth to grow and move in specific directions because the jaw bone isn't as dense and rigid as it is in adults. So not only will your child's braces treatment be more comfortable than if they had it later in life, but they'll also likely have a quicker treatment than if they didn't get braces until they were a fully grown adult.

For the Future

Lastly, giving your child braces is something that you can do to help ensure that they have a good future. Studies have shown that people judge others based on their smiles, so by giving your child a good one, you're giving them a leg up at accomplishing their goals in the future. Whether it's getting a job, landing a spot at a college, or making a team, that smile may be their ace in the hole.

Braces can straighten teeth and perfect smiles at any age, but the best possible time to do it is while someone is still young. If you've wanted braces for your child but haven't made the leap yet, do so soon before they grow up. It'll happen before you even know it, and by then it'll be too late for them to reap these advantages.

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