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When you start focusing more seriously on dental care, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. From brushing your teeth carefully to identifying different challenges that could come your way, there are all kinds of things to keep in mind when it comes to your dental health. Fortunately, by doing what you can to identify problems and overcome issues, you can pave the way for healthier teeth and gums. For starters, you can start to improve your gum health by flossing regularly. You can also brush more carefully with a toothbrush, with special attention to cleaning your gum line. Check out these simple posts for tips and tricks for avoiding tooth decay.


Having An Upcoming Tooth Implant Surgery? 4 Reasons To Be At Ease About It

14 June 2022
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Two factors that have led to tooth implants' popularity are that they resemble natural teeth and last a long time. The latter is largely attributed to the titanium post embedded in the jawbone. Once embedded, new cells start to grow around the post, making the connection stronger. Granted, going through this process can sometimes make people nervous. However, keep in mind that there's little discomfort experienced and that the procedure has a quite high success rate. Read More …

Can You Speed Up The Healing Time After Getting Dental Implants?

2 May 2022
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Investing in dental implants to replace teeth can leave you both excited and stressed. On the one hand, you can now fill the gaps in your smile. On the other hand, you have to undergo months of healing before you can use your new dental implants. For many patients, the healing time, which is usually somewhere between 4-6 months, is a daunting prospect that can give them second thoughts. Not everyone heals at the same pace. Read More …

Three Ways Regular Dental Cleanings Can Protect Your Child’s Future

16 February 2022
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When you're raising a child, dental cleanings are just part of what they need in order to ensure that they're healthy and safe. It may seem like putting off a dental cleaning for a while isn't a big deal, but it increases your child's risk of developing cavities, gum disease, or worse. The good news is, that by bringing your child in for regular dental cleanings, you can help to ensure that their future is a bright one. Read More …

Three Signs It’s Time For A New Dental Crown

16 February 2022
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Dental crowns are extremely effective methods of protecting your teeth after they've undergone serious damage or an intense procedure, like a severe cavity or a root canal. While dental crowns are very useful, they don't last forever and need to be replaced or repaired on occasion. If you've never needed to have a crown replaced before, you might not know what to expect. Here are three signs that your crown may be on its way out. Read More …

What Type Of Dentist Clinic Is Right For Your Needs?

5 January 2022
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Going to the dentist is an important part of your oral health. However, there are many types of dentists and dental clinics, so it may be hard to determine where you should go. If you would like to know more, check out these four common types of dentists to determine which is right for you. 1. Family Dentist A family dentist is someone who treats patients of all ages. They will help your child as their first tooth erupts, and they will help your senior parent fight gum disease. Read More …