The Types Of Toothaches You Might Experience And Why They Happens

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The Types Of Toothaches You Might Experience And Why They Happens

16 July 2020
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Do you ever feel sharp pains in your mouth when eating or drinking? Some people feel these pains daily, but others may only notice occasional throbbing. Others still feel aching in their teeth all the time. These issues are all tooth pain and toothaches, and you should not ignore these feelings if you have them.

The Causes of Sharp, Short Pains from Hot and Cold

The most common type of tooth pain people experience is sharp, short pains when eating or drinking things hot and cold things. Some people might only feel the pains from cold things, while others might feel the pains from hot and cold things. It is relatively normal to feel sharp pains that almost instantly go away while eating or drinking cold or hot things. Many people struggle with this issue, and it is usually the result of worn-down enamel or receding gum lines. It helps to tell your dentist about this problem and point out where you feel the pain. The dentist might not treat it but may recommend using a toothpaste product designed to relieve sensitivity issues.

The Causes of Lingering Sharp Pain from Hot and Cold

The next category of tooth pain also occurs from hot and cold things, but the pain lingers instead of instantly dissipating. If you drink hot coffee and feel sharp pain for minutes afterward, you may have a problem with the nerves in one of your teeth. These sharp pains from sensitive teeth should not linger. If they do, visit a dentist soon. The leading cause of this issue is damaged nerves in teeth. Having this problem may result in needing a root canal on the damaged tooth.

The Causes of Throbbing Tooth Pain

The other main type of tooth pain you might experience is throbbing in a tooth. You might not even be able to pinpoint which tooth is throbbing. Instead, your entire arch on one side of your mouth might feel this way. You might also feel throbbing pain in your jaw, face, ear, and neck.

Throbbing tooth pain is something you should never ignore. In fact, you should visit a dentist quickly if you have this pain. The pain is probably the result of an infection in your mouth and will worsen if you ignore it.

If you have pain in your mouth, talk to your dentist soon. You may need treatment for the problem.