Why Should You Space Out Your Kids' Dental Appointments?

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Why Should You Space Out Your Kids' Dental Appointments?

18 June 2020
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If you have many children that need to see the dentist a few times a year, you can end up making time for several appointments. To save time, you may consider booking all your kids for appointments at once, but there are reasons to still space out appointments instead of all on one day. Read on to learn about just three of those reasons. 

1. You can book each child based on what works best for them

Do you have children in school? If so, it's best to book them for appointments on a weekend or after school. Have children who are still taking naps? You can book dental appointments at the family dentist before or after their regular routine nap time. When you book your children with their dentist according to what works best for them, you end up with calmer and more cooperative kids in the dental chair, and less rescheduling other activities for yourself.

2. You can focus on one child at a time

Taking all your kids into the dentist at once can make it hard to focus on the dental care and information of each child and can add to any apprehension about going to the dentist in the first place. If you space out the dental appointments of all your kids, you can keep children who don't have appointments at home, and only take with you the kids who need to be in the dental chair.

3. You can spend less time at the dentist each appointment

The fewer dental appointments you make for your kids at once, the less time you spend at the family dentist each time. If you have young children who have a hard time sitting still, spreading out the time at the family dentist can be in the best interest of everyone.

When making dental appointments, keep in mind that if you make appointments earlier in the day it's more likely that the dentist will be able to keep on schedule. If you have sensitive scheduling needs based on work, school, or other activities, then seek a family dentist that not only has early hours but extended weekend hours as well.

Many dentists cater to families and their kids' scheduling needs. You can do your part to make getting into the dentist easier on your family by spacing out appointments for your children in an effective way for all.