How Emergency Dentists Help Those Who Lose A Tooth After Slipping And Falling

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How Emergency Dentists Help Those Who Lose A Tooth After Slipping And Falling

27 May 2020
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When a person slips and falls and loses a tooth, they need to take immediate steps to save the tooth by contacting an emergency dentist. That's because quick response is critical in this situation and can help to protect a person from oral health issues.

Slips and Falls May Cause a Knocked-Out Tooth

Walking on ice is always a pretty scary situation but can become worse when a person slips and falls. This situation can be very damaging to a person in many ways, and they could lose a tooth. For example, a person could slip and fall on ice and hit their head against the ground. An impact of this severity will often loosen a tooth out of its socket and make it likely to fall out of the mouth.

And when a person loses a tooth in this way, they're going to experience a heavy amount of pain and immediate suffering that can be very hard to tolerate. Even worse, there's a good chance that they will experience steady blood loss and may even permanently lose the tooth if they are not careful. Thankfully, emergency dental care can prevent this issue from getting too much out of control.

How Emergency Dental Care May Help

Emergency dentists are professionals who understand the kind of damage that can randomly occur in a person's life and can assess these dental concerns quickly and painlessly. First of all, they start by taking the tooth that was knocked out of a person's mouth and washing it off. Then, they stop the bleeding in the mouth and clean up any dirt to see if the tooth can be saved or not.

In many cases, if the tooth is still in good shape and a person visits a dentist quickly enough, they may be able to insert the tooth back into the mouth. And if the tooth cannot be saved for any reason —– such as waiting too long to visit an emergency dental professional — the dentist can insert an implant to take its place. Doing so will help to keep a person's oral health as strong as possible for years to come.

Make sure to always call ahead when working with this type of emergency dental professional. Though they will always take a person who needs emergency dental care, they prefer a warning so that they know what to expect when a person gets there. They may even be able to get a person in sooner if they call ahead and let the dentist prepare their equipment, which may give them time to save the tooth.