2007 West Coast Petanque Tournament Results

Since beginning to enjoy going to petanque tournaments I have been somewhat frustrated with not being able to find out what the results of various tournament were. A person simply can't go to every tournament within reasonable driving distance. But that doesn't mean that I don't want to know the outcome! So I am assembling what information I can get out of club secretaries here (if your club is on the west coast and you don't see results to your tournaments here, please send them to me and I'll get them posted here). What I am hoping is that over time this page will help the players that are serious about the tournament play get to know each other better. Who are the top players in a club? The results should reflect that. Who is doing consistently well? Their name will start showing up. Who travels and does well in any setting? You'll see their name showing up miles from home.

And too, like any sport, the top players deserve the recognition for their efforts.

So if you have information that is appropriate to this page please get it to me. bouleman@gmail,com

2007 NW Regional Tournament Results

NW Doublettes

Location: Sacramento, CA

Gold: Raymond Nielsen & Gilles Karpowicz
Silver: Peter Mathis & PJ Mallette
Bonze:Tino Lofaro & Max Lofaro

NW Triplettes

Location: Lamorinda Petanque Club, Lafayette, CA

Gold: Peter Mathis, PJ Malette, Mike Cooper
Silver: Raymond Nielsen, Gilles Karpowicz, Andrew Loi
Bronze: Bill Carter, Mickey Couglin, Trevor Fisher

NW Mixed Doublettes

Location: San Francisco, CA

Gold: Raymond & Pym Nielsen
Silver: Pascal Gravier & Teri Sirico
Bronze: Holly Sammons & Tino Lofaro

2007 SW Regional Tournament Results

SW Regional Doublettes

Location: Oakhurst Petanque Club, Oakhurst, California

Gold: Mary Campbell Mann (OPC), Ed Mann (OPC)
Silver: John Harris (OPC), Richard Starkey (OPC)
Bronze: Fellix Legrand (LAPC), Rudy Valee (LAPC)Third place team of Doster and Stampher

SW Regional Tripletttes

Location: Oakhurst Petanque Club, Oakhurst, California

Gold: Tim Channell (Fresno Petanque Club), John Harris (OPC), Richard Starkey (OPC)
Silver:Max Lagrand (LAPC), Robert Pierre (LAPC), Felix Legrand (LAPC)
Bronze: Linda Lynch (OPC), John Lynch (OPC), George Lewis (OPC)

SW Regional Mixed Doublettes

Date: October 20, 2007
Location: Oakhurst Petanque Club, Oakhurst, California

Gold: Ed Mann, Cathey Halley (OPC)
Silver: Larry Adams, Trish Adams (OPC)
Bronze: Nathan Doster, Patricia Stampher (OPC) (pictured right)
Fourth: Brian Kincade, Colleen Coffman (OPC)

2007 National Tournament Results (Those held on the West Coast)

2007 National Women's Doublette Championship - LAPC

Gold: Barbara Hall, Holly Sammons (Valley of the Moon, Sonoma)
Silver: Sandra Bonneville (LAPC), Diana Jacobs (LAPC)
Bronze: Antonia Chavez, Michelle Clarke (Valley of the Moon, Sonoma)

2007 National Mixed Doublettes Championship - La Petanque Mariniere

Gold: Raymond & Pim Nielsen
Silver: Peter Mathis & Holly Sammons
Bronze: Gilles Karpowicz & Barbara Hall

FPUSA Senior's World Championship Qualifier - Portland, Oregon2007 World Qulaifier Finals

To determine the team representing the USA in 2008.

Gold: Thuan Nguyen (LAPC), Christian Triay (LAPC), Pascal Corchia (La Boule du Desert) (pictured right observing boules positions)
Silver: Alec Stone Sweet (La Boule New Yorkaise), Xavier Thibaud (La Boule New Yorkaise), Nghia Ngo (National Capital Wshington DC) (pictured right grouped in center)
Bronze: Joe Cortright (Portland Petanque Club), Lavant Woolfe (Walla Walla Washington), Desmond Grattan (Portlant Petanque Club)
4th Place: Peter Mathis (Valley of the Moon from Sonoma), Juan Garcia ( Boca Raton Petanque Florida), Mamary Coulibaly (La Boule New Yorkaise)

FPUSA Women's World Championship Qualifier - LAPC

To determine the team to represent the USA in 2008

Gold: Sandra Bonneville (LAPC), Diana Jacobs (LAPC), Antonia Chavez (Valley of the Moon, Sonoma)
Silver: Erin McTaggart (VOMPC), Narin Garrett (VOMPC), Primprapha Nielsen (San Francisco)
Bronze: Barbara Hall, Holly Sammons, Erika Schmidt (VOMPC)

2008 WC Alternate Erin McTaggart (VOMPC)
2008 WC Coach Felix Legrand (LAPC)

2007 La Petanque Mariniere Interclub Tournament

An interesting concept - clubs form teams to compete as winning Club. The more teams they enter the better chance their club has of taking top honors! A perpetual trophy will be passed around to the winning clubs. Hope this one continues!

1st Place: La Petanque Mariniere; Walter Cuthbertson, Mireille DeMaio, Tino Lofaro
2nd place: Valley of the Moon; Peter Mathis, Ed Porto, Teri Sirico
3rd Place: awaiting the info...

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