The Magic Boule!

Petanque Secret!

Positioning the Bouchon on a Side Slope


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Did you ever notice how you, as a right-hander, have a hard time getting the boule to stop on a piste where the slope is going down from the right to the left? And yet another player is having no trouble at all going across that slope? Your boules keep curving off to the left, theirs don't... I observed this phenomenon once in LA. When I finally commented to my panache partner in exasperation "Why can't I get my boules to stay on that slope, but hers do?!" and he said, "She's left-handed."

But what would that have to do with anything??? Because she was naturally throwing up the slope, while I was naturally tending to throw down the slope. When a slope is to the left a right-hander's boule will naturally tend to curve to the left. The opposite is true for a left-hander, slopes to the right will tend to make their boules curve to the right.

So, use this secret knowledge to position your bouchon - if you are playing against a left-hander, try to position the bouchon on a right to left slope! And the opposite if you are a left-hander.

copyright 2007-2011 Nathan G. Doster