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The Seattle Petaque Club meets and plays at three different places allowing convenience to their membership.

I have played with the folks in the downtown park south of Bellevue Square in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue many times. It is a beautiful setting! The Bellevue players are friendly and welcoming to new players. I still have family in the Bellevue area and play with them every time I am up there visiting - Sunday afternoons generally around 2:00. You can park nearby behind Goldfarb Jewelers off Bellevue Way. That puts you at an entrance right next to where they play. If you are unfamiliar with the park, ask where the restrooms are - the petanque area is near those (how convenient!).

Petanque in Bellevue!


As you can see in the pictures, they play on the crushed rock walkways among the beautiful plantings. The walkways slope to the sides so getting your boule where you want it can be tricky!

Bellevue Petanque!

Though i is hard to see, there is a cluster of boules in the shadows that the young lady in pink is considering before her next throw.


The shrubbery in places will overlap the playing area - is it an obstacle? What happens when a boule hits the shrubbery and is pushed back?


More Shrubbery!