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I was lucky enough to be able to attend a couple of days of the 2007 Worlds Qualifier tournament in Portland - including the final day when I was able to watch the gents from LA send the New Yorkers home without the big win. The top four teams were excellent! LA really dominated under the lights in the final game though. They should represent the US well in 2008.

I found everyone very friendly - of course I lived for over 30 years in the Pacific Northwest so spoke the language. It was a pleasure to see petanque friends from all over the West Coast gathered there to play! I had played in the rain with the folks from Bellevue, Washington, and in the scorching heat with the folks from Oakhurst, California. And played in LA's panache tournaments with virtually every one of the players there from LA. What a wonderful gathering!

Pictuerd at the right are the participants of the Seniors World Championship Qualifier Finals. (Given the placement of the boules, that red dot can't be the jack!)

World Championship Qualifier Finals  

This is another photo of the WCQT Finals - notice the rocks on the surface added just to challenge the best. Also notice the tree obstacle! Nice high lob!

WCQT Finals terrain

Narin at WCQT

A final photo of the WCQT terrain, with one of the Valley of the Moon's excellent players in action.


The Portland Terrain

At this point I have been to the Portland Club facilities just the one weekend, and it was an unusual situation since they were hosting the Qualifiers, so I don't know what the surface is at other times. I had heard that they purposely added stones to the surfaces in order to test the teams properly for what they could expect in international play. So maybe those stones aren't always there.

I did get a chance to play between rounds - I was just there as a cheerleader for the Oakhurst Club team, and as an enthusiastic spectator and fan of the sport - so my play there was unofficial and informal (my opponent, who is a top player that shall remain unnamed didn't know that I was keeping score until 2/3 of the way through the "game" which I won with a marvelous shot to knock his point boule out for a stunning 3 point end). The larger, maybe 2 and 3 inch rocks that had been strewn about were just sitting on the surface and moved out of the way pretty easily as opposed to deflecting the boule. Nonetheless, they could get in the way of a donnee, or obstruct a line.

I don't think that bowling pointers did very well on that surface - semi-lobs worked well for me.

The terrain is located on the corner of a park. There is some parking on the street and in a lot across the street. Unfortunately that was all filled by the time I got there and I ended up parking some blocks away in a residential area and hiking across the park. The street that you have to turn into to get to the petanque are is poorly marked and can only be accessed from the north so you have to really watch for it. I had to go back and forth missing the turn several times. But I could see the players throwing boules tantalizingly close to the road so I persevered until I somehow made it to the event.

Team Oakhurst at the WCQT

Portland's 4th place team

Portland's 2007 World Championship Qualifier team! They took 4th in some stiff competition! Well done! I saw one end where they shot 4 carreaus - in ONE END!!!

Portland logo and 2006 club champions

Portland's 2006 club champions!


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