Emile Furlan Memorial Invitational

Knights Landing, California

2008 Tournaments Schedule

Club Francais de Sacramento


Petanque Talk!

Once a year, Sacramento's Club Francais de Sacramento petanque club hosts what has become a premier event for West Coast petanque players - The Emile Furlan Memorial Invitational. Players from miles around decend upon the Furlan Walnut Ranch at Knighs Landing, California for a long weekend of challenging petanque.

Furlan terrain  
Doster at Furlan

Pictured above is the primary playing area at the Furlan Ranch at Knight's Landing. Plenty of shade. At a glance I recognize players from Fresno, Oakhurst, Sacramento, Menlo Park, Sonoma, Los Angeles... and I'm behind the camera representing California's beautiful Central Coast!

The surfaces on this terrain were very fast with some downhill slopes that were very challenging. The playing areas were very tight and you found it wise to mark your boules!

The other terrain that is used at Furlan is the area between the rows of walnut trees. That soil is very different! It is a soft bouncy loam, that dries to dust as the game goes on. Your boules can bounce off it like a rubber mat, or sink into the dust. You don't know which will happen. Some people tried high lobbing, and others bowled through it. A very tough surface to be consistent on! We won a game 13-2 on it and so were eager to play it again... and lost 2-13 to a team that had never played on it! So much for figuring out the terrain!


Here I am (above), war-weary by the second day of competition but still looking pretty intense. I would say that with the fence behind me, I was throwing down a slick slope... I really needed all the concentration I could muster at that point!



If you are going to participate at Furlan for the first time here are some suggestions.

1. Have industrial strength insect repellant. The bugs will be all over you if you don't keep all exposed areas covered with repellant. I missed a pinky finger and a mosquito found it just as I was about to throw!

2. Be ready for the heat. California's Central Valley can be hot that time of year - easily over 100 F. So bring lots of fluids and be sure they have electrolytes because you are going to sweat. The nearby lagoon keeps the humidity up so it seems even warmer.

3. Bring a chair. There are a few chairs but best to bring your own. You will be playing for 2 days in the heat, you'll need to sit down at some point.

4. Bring something to eat. They do have sandwiches, but if you are a vegetarian or prefer other foods you will have to bring your own. I survived for two days on a small sack of peanuts... I'll be better prepared next time!

5. Be ready to make new friends! There will be lots of people that you have never met before because folks come from all over the state for this very special event. So be sure to make some new friends!