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The Fresno Petanque Club was founded in 2007, and became California's 13th FPUSA petanque club. The lucky 13 sure seems to hold true for the members of this new club! Already they have started hauling home trophies from other club's tournaments! Sacramento's Furlan Invitational, Lamorinda, Oakhurst, and LA have all given up trophies to the players of the FPC.

Since 2007 FPC has grown into one of the largest petanque clubs in the US!

FPC is developing an area in one of the city parks into an interesting and challenging petanque terrain. Gravel was recently added forming a deep soft surface that is virtually impossible to roll across.

Pictured below are three of the FPC players - Tim, Mark, and Greg, at Lamorinda where they took 1st, 3rd, and 5th in the panache tournament that day. (Looks like Tim got caught on film holding a bottle of the elixir that is the secret to their success... now if we could just read the label...)

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FPC Players ready to play!