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2008 French Masters Tour Teams!


This page is dedicated to some of my favorite petanque players. Though there are hundreds of amazing players the world over (Dictionnaire de la Petanque lists 700!), I have become familiar with these people through the French Masters DVDs and like any sports fan, eagerly watch their progress through the major tournaments each year.

Most have represented their country in the World Championships, and have amazing skills. Watching them in action is instructional and inspirational!

Wouldn't it be great if we could follow our favorite American players in the same way? When will we enjoy a US Petanque Masters Tour?



Perhaps one of the most elegant players in the game - Didier Chopay. Winning since 1985, has often teamed with Loy and Sirot to form an almost unbeatable team.


One of my very favorite players to watch. Christian Fazzino, he has won almost everything there is to win including the French Singles title 7 times!. Never seems satisfied with his throw no matter how good it is!



Amazing finesse and World Champion Tireur (shooter) - Philippe Quintais (pronounced kin-tay). Winning major tournaments since the early 1990s. I am practicing my shooting form to be more like Quintais,


Another of my very favorite players - Thierry Grandet. He can shoot amazingly, and point consistently well. Powerful arms and shoulders allow him to shoot with very little back-swing. One of the younger Masters, very cool under pressure. On winning teams since 2003.



The pointer's pointer! Sirot. He makes very few mistakes, and in a pinch he can shoot!

Playing at the top levels since 2000. Often seen teamed with Chopay and Loy. This man would be a good model for any serious pointer.


Just fun to watch play through the years - Charles (Claudy) Wiebel. Playing at the top levels since the mid 1990s Wiebel is one of the few non-French playing on the Masters ciruit. He has represented Belgium at the World Championships.



Perhaps the best known of the top players to Americans, Marco Foyot. He continues to play well, and produce videos to help the rest of us improve!


Look at the intensity of this shot - Damien Hureau. Playing at the top since 1999. Teams up with various players including Loy. Smooth delivery form.



Another member of team France, Michel Loy. He can shoot, or he can point amazingly. Whatever he is needed to do, he'll do it. The ultimate millieu! Showing up in the results of major tournaments since 1984 and since teaming successfully with Chopay, Sirod, Hureau and Bruno Rocher.

Dylan Rocher

And here comes the next generation! Dylan Rocher. Still in his teens and winning major tournaments with either his father (Bruno) or brother. This is the French and German secret - start them when they are young! You have to be young to have the flexibility for that backswing! This kid plays casually and accurately - shooting out the opponent's boule is the most natural thing in the world to him.



Extremely intense, extremely flexible - Pascal Milei. An absolutely deadly shooter. Often seen teamed with Foyot and Radnic. Playing at top level since 1993.


Pointing specialist Zvonko (Zombie) Radnic. His shooting form is dubious, but he hits and that is all that matters. Started attracting attention in the mid 1990s. Often seen teamed with Foyot and Milei.



Often seen shooting but a good all-arounder - Philippe Suchaud (soo-show). Playing at the top since the mid 1990s Suchaud has teamed with Quintais, Sirot, Hureau, Loy, Fazzino, and many others - an indication of the appreciation of his skills!


Generally playing the tireur position, he can point when needed - Sylvain Pilewski. Fun to watch play! Playing at the top since 2000, and a player to watch as he continues to develop.