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I will try to include all of 2009's major West Coast tournament results on this page as they occur. So what is a major tournament? Regionals, Nationals, World Championship Qualifiers, and a few of the events that draw from all over their state or region. As well as events that include some of our regions' top players - like the Worlds, or Nationals that take place elsewhere.

Competition Boules!

FPUSA Events








National Events


Senior World Championship Qualifier - Triplettes

none held in 2009  



Women's World Championship Qualifier - Triplettes


National Mixed Doubles

7/25/09 Lafeyette, CA Raymond & Pim Nielsen (Boule d'Or) Peter Mathis & Holly Sammons (VOMPC) John & Tish Harris (Oakhurst PC) Bob Cortright (PPC) & Emily Etcheverry (LPM)

National Mixed Triplettes

National Singles, Women /09          

National Women's Doubles

7/26/09 Lafeyette, CA Antonia Chavez (VOMPC) & Pim Nielsen (Boule d"or) Narin Garrett & Holly Sammons (both VOMPC) Teri Sirico (PVPC) & Lisa Vaighn (VOMPC) Dolly Ebolitto & Monique Martin (both LBJ)

National Singles, Men


National Doubles Men

7/26/09 Lafeyette, CA Raymond Nielsen (Boule d'Or) & Alain Gusella (CFdS) Peter Mathis (VOMPC) & Mickey Coughlin (Willits Boules Club) Jer Thao & By Vang (Fresno Petanque Club) Joe & Bob Cortright (PPC)

Regional Events


Northwest Region

NW Regional Singles 6/09 Portland Joe Cortright, PPC
Philippe Agnesse, PCC Duong Nguyen,Seattle PC Thai Nguyen, PCC

NW Regional Doublettes


NW Regional Triplettes

6/09 Portland
Pierre Agnesse, Phillipe Agnesse, Thai Nguyen Portland PC
Greg Conyers, Lee Harris, John Hunt Seattle PC
Pierre Brun, Daniel Andre, Hugh "Huge Money" Gallagher Portland PC
Ed Porto, Frank Pipal, Dave Riffo Valley of the Moon PC, Sonoma, CA

NW Regional Mixed Doublettes

NW Regional Mixed Triplettes    

Southwest Region


SW Regional Doublettes


SW Regional Mixed Doubles

9/26/09 Oakhurst, CA
John and Tish Harris
Carl and Linda Mottschiedler
Richard Starkey and Linda Lynch
Ed Mann, Jan Heady
SW Regional Mixed Triples 9/27/09 Oakhurst, CA John and Tish Harris, and Collen Coffman
Vang Moue, By Vang, Kaye Sanz Mary Jane Campbell-Mann, Paul Yang, Jer Thao

Artem Zuev, Diana Jacobs, Scott

SW Regional Triples 9/09 Los Angeles Ly Van Nguyen, Hung Van Quach, Thai Hoang LAPC Diana Jacobs, Sandra Bonneville, Edith Bonneville LAPC Michel Cardon, Felix Legrand, William Widmaier LAPC Vang Moua, Chong Xiong, Nicolas Yang FresnoPC

San Pedro Open

First Stage of the California Petanque Masters Tour 5/09 San Pedro, CA George Rouveyrol, Artem Zuev, Felix Legrand, LAPC Charles Zedoyan, Michel Ribet, Patrick Mercier Ly Van Nguyen, Hung Van Quach, Thai Hoang Gerard Cohen, Willeam Widmaier, Kurt Lunblad




Other Events of Interest

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