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This page is image intensive... there are now ten miniatures in the series!

DoCoE's line of unique miniatures add excitement to any gaming session or diorama! Try some and see!

Miniatures for The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll

Animated Protektr


Protektr, female

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1996

The brave Protektrs are sworn to defend the Quad from all forms of danger.
This Protektr is shown in a typical defensive position. The posture is saying
"I am not here as a threat to you... but you will not go past me."

Female Magikr


Magikr, female

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1996
painter: Nathan G. Doster, 1996

Attuned to the roiling energies of the Cosmos, the Magikrs lend their arcane arts to ensure your Quad’s success. Choose from twelve powerful Spells... and learn more along the way. Nimbbly’s Web, the Repellent Glow, Lyrwric’s Uplifting, Essence of the Soul Foretold, or any of the Magikr’s available incantations add power and subtlety to game play.

The Magikr garb tends to feature blue hues - the color of mystic power, of the atmos, of the sea.


Herblist, female

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1996

Few Quads would brave the Crag without an Herblist along.  Her potions, powders and concoctions will help the other Questrs to victory.    

TekMage ready for action!

TekMage, male

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1996

Never without his beloved Artifact Devices the TekMage can be counted on to do his part on the Crag.  A skilled TekMage will easily keep Dislotransolators, Acme Neutralizers, Tenyin Devices, and Mondrin Steam Scythes tuned to perfection! 

Animated Stormastr

Stormastr, male

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1998

Master of all things atmospheric the Stormastr will use the frequent Sudden Storms on the Crag to his advantage.  And there there's that little trick he learned as an apprentice...

Miniatures for Boonya's Epic Voyage

Animated Boonya

Boonya, male

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1998

Boonya, the incredible Naturalist Magikr.  Famous for the Spells; Boonya's Forestation, Boonya's Polypation and Boonya's Terratransformation!  He is the man that leads the brave adventurers on the Epic Voyage to save the Map Child.

Animated Carp'ntr

Carp'ntr, male

sculpted by Tom Meier, 1998

A skilled craftsman, always prepared to repair the damage done to any Shipp by Shallow Rocks, Reefs, or Tenticled Waatr Beasts.

Animated Haardhelm Divr

Haardhelm Divr

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1998

When it is time to salvage a Sunken Shipp, or dive for Treasure, be sure that there is a Haardhelm Divr aboard!

Animated Map Child

Map Child

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1998

She knows the way to Dosuan.  A most remarkable child!

Capt'n Ashore

Capt'n, female

sculptor: Tom Meier, 1998

With her Farviewer in hand, the experienced Capt'n can make all the difference between success and failure on the Turbulent Sea.

Terrain Tokens

images coming soon!

Refreshing Spring


Unstable Rockslide

Doster Company:Entertainment will be adding more pictures of our miniatures to this gallery as they become available. Do you have an especially well painted Dosuan miniature that you would like shown here? We'd love to have a picture of it! Please contact us!

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