Very Limited Edition Gold Plated Deco Miniatures from Doster Company.

golden miniatures!

The Magic of the Golden Quad

Kind Lord Dosterhaven, in his wisdom, has caused to be crafted a very limited number of Golden Questrs. Beyond their obvious ornamental value, these figurines are imbued with magical properties. Use their magic to protect you. The Magikr will help protect you from the horrid mysterious things. The Herblist will help guard your health. The Protektr will help protect you from physical harm. And the TekMage will help ensure that your mechanical devices are free of affliction. Use each Golden Questr as is your need. Put the TekMage in your car or on your computer. Keep the Magikr, Protektr, and/or Herblist in your purse or pocket. These magical golden figurines will not prevent all disaster, but they will do their best to help you avoid and minimize the worst of disasters. And to help you through the unavoidable. They will help.

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