The Quad gathers around a Refreshing Spring.

The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll

A Typical Turn

Jaab readied his ropes while the others awoke. The twine was holding up well... considering. They may not have Sheer Cliffs to climb today, but there would certainly be Cliffs on the way back down. They had climbed two already. Unless Gleean’s Orb of Sight found an easier route, those cliffs would be waiting. Jaab began his stretching routine and thought of his pride at being a Klimbr.

There was a sparkle and an incandescent glow that lit Gleean’s face. Like all Magikrs her expression was focused and inward. She was activating the Orb. Soon the Grids nearby would be evident. And Gleean would again chose the day’s route.

Tera poured clear cool water into her mixing bowl, adding herbs, and mineral dust to the clouding concoction. They would all need what was forming in this bowl today. Yesterday’s climb had been grueling. Tera had thought herself in pretty good shape. After all, an Herblist does a fair amount of hiking and climbing while gathering the herbs, roots, and barks necessary to practice her craft. But she had to admit she was unaccustomed to that sort of exercise! Tera was aching already, and only two days into the climb. She scanned the other Questrs for sign of fatigue. They were cheerfully waking up, and stretching. No outward signs yet. Dink winced and Turned away to hide his weakness, but not before Tera had noticed. A double portion of the Fluid That Quenches for him!

Dink stretched again (a little less stiff this time!). He was wondering why he had been so eager to be a part of this Quest. Surely the certain fame when they claimed victory was not worth all of this (he blew dust and moss chunks out of his Molecular Dislotranslocator’s intake valve)! Nor the admiring glances that were certain to come his way from the other TekMages. Then too there was one particularly cute apprentice that he wouldn’t mind glancing his way. Ah, well. Perhaps this little adventure might pay dividends yet! Dink continued to inspect, clean and oil his equipment, as stray thoughts of how much lighter it would have been to have brought a Neutralizer instead of this clunky Dislotranslocator continued to plague his reverie.

It was time to move. The D20 had been rolled and the adjacent Grids were revealed by the Orb of Sight. None of the options were going to be easy... more Cliffs, an Unstable Rock Slide (where’s a Dansr when you need one?!), a particularly ominous Heavily Wooded Slope, and a Hermitage. The decision made, was to hope for the best with the Hermitage. Fortunately, Dink was a pretty fair poet, should the need arise.

Stepping into the Hermitage Grid (the D4 roll is indeed a 4!) the Quad is greeted by a jolly but lonely Hermit eager for some company, and demanding a limerick or two. Ah, time to rest the body, while Dink unlimbers a rhyme or two. "There once was a maiden named Titwynn, on her face twinkling eyes and clear skin,..."

This is an example of a typical Turn that you might encounter while playing The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll. There are many decisions to be made during the different Phases of each Turn. A wise Quad leader will take advantage of the Terrain and the skills of their various Quad members in order to secure victory. As you play the game, you will become more familiar with the nuances and combinations of factors that affect your Quad members' performance.

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