RPG Rules Variations for the Dosuan Series of Games

The Dosuan world is an unusually rich and fascinating world to explore. The series of games known as the Dosuan Series will include The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll, Piptwynn's Festival, Boonya's Epic Voyage, Delphiin's Treasure, Thistledown Racers, Settling Dosuan and The Dosuan Challenge. Each game builds upon the prior game and fleshes out the Dosuan culture and landscape for you. There will be new and wondrous places to explore and adventures to experience. 

Beginning with The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll you can start collecting the miniatures, and becoming familiar with the world. In the years to come, we will be adding more and more to your Dosuan experience.

But first you must master the Crag...


All of the Dosuan Series of games can be modified to be played as Role Playing Games. Actually, it takes very few rules changes to accomplish this! 

There are two areas that will most enhance the existing rules to create a truly challenging and interesting RPG game out of Piptwynn's Scroll. They are: 1. Allow experience to be gained. and 2. Expand the playing area.

1. Allow Experience To Be Gained.

Do this by allowing players characters to retain their Spells, Devices and Potions that were gained during any prior Quest. If a Specialty has more than one option to it, the characters are allowed to accumulate those options. So it is possible for a Magikr to eventually be able to have all of the Spells available at their disposal on a Quest. Or a TekMage to choose from all of the available Devices and begin a Quest with any three (since he can only carry three). These individuals would indeed be Very Formidable!

2. Expand The Playing Area

You can make the Crag be as big as you want! Cover an entire table or floor with Grids if it pleases you to do so. In fact, we have plans for, and have begun development of, modular panels that can allow for an unlimited variety of Crag configurations. You can do the same!

By expanding the Crag, there will be more to explore and it will allow the story to develop more fully over time. And it will allow more time for experiences to be gained!

Share Your Quests With Others!

The Dosuan world is increasingly rich and lends itself to story-telling. Often a Quest game will result in a unique story - was it Dragon Breeding Season on the Quest? - What's with all the Sudden Storms? - Must have been a Hermits Convention!!!

When you have a Quest that was particularly interesting share it in story form with your friends and with us! Truly the developing story is a large part of the fun of playing these games!

And sharing makes it even more fun!

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