There's always something exciting happening at Doster Company!


Take a look at the new exciting Doster Company:Entertainment logo! We are now known as DoCoE (Doh Koh Ee)! Check out the BOLD DoCoE t-shirts and hats on the Catalog page. They are amazing!


We have added a new RPG (Role Playing Game) page to the DoCoE web pages. Now you can experience the challenge of the Crag more intimately... because you will be there!

The Apex! Click here for RPG Rules Page!

Role playing adds new dimension to a game world. And with the Dosuan world this experience will be especially rich. Check out the new RPG Page!

New Questrs

for challenging Star Snag Crag in The Quest For Piptwynn's Scroll! Sculpted by master sculptor Tom Meier.

Boonya himself!

Boonya the Naturalist Magikr! Remember Boonya's Forestation spell? Here's the man!  Boonya can be used to play The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll as well as in Boonya's Epic Voyage!

Click here for Stormastr Rules!

Sudden Storms a problem on the Crag? The Stormastr is the master of all things atmospheric! ...And then there is that little trick he learned as an apprentice...

A new page for a new game! DoCoE announces the development of a new super fast-paced game for anime fans! Anime Spirit!!! Check it out!

Click here to go to the Anime Spirit! page.

Playing DoCoE games makes learning fun! Now there is a page dedicated to the needs of educators and homeschoolers!

Click here to go to the Educators' Page!

The DoCoE Dosuan series of miniatures have an incredible amount of detail. Would you like to see how a professional miniatures painter would interpret them? Here is a new page for our miniatures painters!

Click here to go to the painted miniatures page.

Piptwynn's Scroll players! Looking for hints on how to better play the game? DoCoE designers have pages for each Specialist now! Ideas on how to best utilize them as members of you Quad!
Want to see into the future? Then you want to look into the Orb of Sight!

Take me to the Orb of Sight Page! I like to see into the future!

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