The Merchantt's Plaque!

The DoCoE Merchantt's Guild Official Page

Welcome esteemed Tradesmun!

Merchantts, listed hereon are the Distributors from whence you may acquire the DoCoE products that are so desired by your esteemed clientele. 

There are many good reasons to carry DoCoE games! Here are 10 good reasons that retailers have told us they carry Doster Company: Entertainment games.

  1. DoCoE games are truly unique - that means a offering something different and that means increased sales!

  2. DoCoE games are accepted into schools! So if you want to do a game club at a local school to increase interest in games The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll would be an excellent game to use!

  3. DoCoE games are inexpensive to stock and order. The line is compact and the entire line sells well.

  4. DoCoE supports events and tournaments. And the games are well suited to game club activities!

  5. DoCoE games have been used by executive training programs as well as home schooling parents. Would you like to have these people shopping your store?

  6. DoCoE games are well produced and the figures have collector value.

  7. DoCoE games are designed to be attractive to all age groups and both sexes. Would you like more families shopping your store? More girls and women shopping in your store?

  8. DoCoE games are designed to be life-long hobbies. Would you like to hold onto your customers longer?

  9. DoCoE games are inter-related for crossover sales.

  10. DoCoE games are designed to be challenging and fun for all game experience levels from beginner to advanced game player. They are games that your customers can grow into, but are not intimidating to become involve in.

Kindly order copiously and often!

(as seen in Comics and Games Retailer)

Have you seen the DoCoE page in Games Quarterly Catalog?

Would you like to be contacted for more information concerning DoCoE games? Please email or snailmail us and we will contact you about joining the Merchantt's Guild.

Doster Company:Entertainment

Talk to your distributor about carrying DoCoE games!

It is DoCoE policy to support our distributors. If, however, you are unable to find the products when you need them we will be happy to ship to you directly. After all, you can't sell it if you don't have it! And we all wish to keep our game playing customers happy!

If you are not yet carrying the Doster Company:Entertainment line of games, but would like to do so, we have a discounted starter pack that you will find attractive! Please contact us for details. 

Those shops that are already carrying our games should be benefiting from the features of our Keepers of the Scroll Shoppe program. Please contact us for more information on this profitable and fun program!  

We can be contacted via Email at:

Or mail your inquiry to:
Doster Company: Entertainment
P.O. Box 2280
Atascadero, CA, 93423

Or by phone:


Tuesday - Friday 1:00-6:00 (Pacific Standard Time)

Members of the Press, please contact us directly or check the New & Exciting Page.  If you need illustrations please let us know.  We would be happy to forward them to you!