Titwynn's Lymric Page

Piptwynn's youngest daughter, the diminutive Titwynn (named for the tiny bird found in most backyard gardens) is a favorite of many Villagefolk. Her sweet disposition and delicate beauty is the subject of popular rhyme the world over. This page is dedicated to Titwynn's poetry.

Examples of Appropriate (and Hermit Approved) Titwynn Poetry


Scribe Boosley’s Lymric

Twas once a young maiden named Titwynn,
Youngest daughter of Elder Sage Piptwynn,
Oft times she was heard,
Singing songs like a bird,
Which set the birds nearby to twitt’rin.


Farmer Simbl’s Rhyme

Sweet Titwynn was named for a wren,
Who knows ‘bout their thinking back then,
But there’s one thing for sure,
That’s her beauty’s so pure,
(That) she’s adored by young boys and men.

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