Klaahr Attack!

Young Dostrhavn heard it first - the chitinous clatter and angry grinding that precedes a Klaahr attack. He glanced quickly at Gleean. She hadn’t noticed yet. A quick hand gesture and a hiss and Gleean began her preparation. Dostrhavn knew that his Beastmastr empathy for all living creatures had allowed him to sense the Klaahr before Gleean’s inward-focused Magikr senses were aware of the giant insect. With a sigh, he drew his Prodd to a ready position and waited.

He hadn’t long to wait. The Klaahr (thank goodness they never ran in pairs!) scuttled straight for Gleean. Perfect, she was the bait. Dostrhavn moved quickly to the rear of the creature looking for the tender thorax tip, the only spot on the armored insect that could feel his Prodd. Gleean seemed oblivious to her impending doom. She hummed with eyes closed, one hand upraised, one hand caressing a pendent gem at her throat. She began to glow.

The Klaahr, mandibles opened wide for the kill, and stinking with anticipation (they really do stink - due to a pheromone given off during feeding that repels other Klaahrs), ignored Dostrhavn completely. As well it might! There was little he could do unless he hit that one small vulnerable spot (not likely). As Dostrhavn swung the Prodd, though, the creature faltered... then stopped, making the target at least not a moving one. And then the Prodd was unnecessary. The Klaahr slowly closed its mandibles, and stood transfixed on the now brightly, warmly, glowing Gleean. And then it scuttled off, confused and disoriented. Dostrhavn closed his eyes, knowing he was safe from attack while Gleean continued the Repellent Glow. As the Glow continued, the beast in him yearned to scuttle off too.


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