Imoto's Very Own Web PAge!

My favorite color is pink so I made everything pink!

Hi everyone! THis is my very own web page! I'm learning about web pages at school and so I made my own here!

I have put some links to some of my favorite web sites. I hope you like them Too!

Pockys are a delicious snak food that taste best when you are watching anime!

Sailor Moon is a lot like me and my friends so I watch her all the time!

I think this idol site is very awesome so you should see it! I put some pictures of idols that I likeon this page too. I want to be a idol but my mom says not until I graduate.  :-(

Here are the idol pictures -> They are all so beautiful and having fun!

I admire Kiki so here is a good site too! and a picture of her. she's only 13 too!

Well that's all I have now but come back often because I'll have more.

Bye! Imoto your friend