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The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll: Hints Page

This page is written by Nathan G. Doster, the game designer at Doster Company:Entertainment. It is intended to give you some ideas about the many different aspects of the game The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll. Undoubtedly, you will discover potent combinations of Questrs, and improve your Questing technique as you challenge your friends for the Scroll. The Hints here are simply to get you thinking...


When designing your Quad, try to balance the Specializations of the members. Think about the obstacles that you might encounter. Do you have a way to get over or around Sheer Cliffs? What if an Occurrence brings a Giant Mountain Webbr or Klaahr into the Grid? How are your Questrs going to either avoid a Hillfolk Still, or failing to avoid it, how are they going to get out of its Grid?

You can't cover all contingencies in designing your Quad, but it would be wise to cover at least a majority of the major obstacles before your Quad even steps foot on the Crag. Often, I will ignore one or another type of Terrain completely when designing a Quad, and just hope for dice rolls that aren't too punitive. Generally this strategy works pretty well for me!


Think combos! Here's a combo that can work pretty well. A Skoutr, a Magikr with Boonya's Forestation, an Herblist with The Fluid That Quenches, and a Protektr. Think about it.


How about a Quad that's designed for speed? A Skoutr, a Magikr with Lyrwics Uplifting, an Herblist with Git Up and Go Oil, and a TekMage with a Dinowort Bladder Balloon! Pray for no Occurrences as you gallop to the Apex!

Get the idea? Try different combos and strategies. There are definitely many ways to win this game! One last thought... Molecular Dislotranslocator (in the hands of the right TekMage a real spoiler!)

Happy Questing!

Ready for a variation on the rules? How about a Heroic Quest! or playing The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll as a Roll Playing Game?

How about examining the Specializations individually in order to decide which to use in your Quad? Here are pages dedicated specifically to each available Specialization!


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