Piptwynn’s Heroic Quest!

A Games Play Rules Variation

Even before the first magnificent Quad braved Star Snag Crag to retrieve Piptwynn’s Scroll, another brave person had already achieved the Apex. And he had done it alone! 

That brave soul was, of course, the learned Piptwynn himself! Imagine the hazards and tribulations that he must have endured in order to picnic among the Crystals. The trek is difficult enough for a Quad of skilled Questrs! 

Would you brave the Crag alone? Are you made of the stern stuff required for that lonely Quest? Here is a variation on the rules for playing The Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll that will test your mettle! This simple modification is only for the bravest Questr! 

The rule change for a Heroic Quest! game is thus - one of your Questrs must play the game alone. That is, play the game as you would with a Quad of Questrs, except that you use only one Questr. One further minor specification; your Questr cannot start the game with the ability to fly (though this ability may be gained later in the Quest). 

A high risk Quest to be certain... but think of the fame, the glory - the songs that will be sung! ...should you return. Step onto the Crag brave and lonely Questr! Let the Heroic Quest! begin!


Brave Magikr Jenn


The Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll as a Role Playing Game (RPG)! Non-competitive Role Playing Games have provided hours of entertainment for tens of thousands of game players. Each player (referred to as a Player Character or PC) takes on the role of one of the individuals involved in the adventure.

In our case, you could become a Magikr, or Protektr, Herblist or, TekMage (or any of the other Specializations). Your group of players would work as a team to overcome the challenges of Star Snag Crag while on your Quest to retrieve Piptwynn’s Scroll. You could be the original Quad of Questrs! Certainly your skills are up to the task! Unlike many extraordinarily time consuming RPGs, playing a Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll will take only an hour or so. This relatively fast playing Quest will allow a fun game before bed, or players to change roles and experience several different perspectives during one evening of game play.

In order to extend play, skills gained during games can be retained by your character. You can also expand the Crag by adding more levels - more Grids to explore and overcome. 


Pip goes it alone!


And, of course, on a cold an blustery evening alone, a solitaire Quest up Star Snag Crag can be more enjoyable than curling up with a book. After all, you are part of this story!


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