you missed a look at the Dosuan Dice and Miniatures!

Doster Company:Entertainment 

2010 Events Schedule

Now Scheduling for 2011!

Do you know of an event that you would like to see the DoCoE games at? let us know!

We are already beginning to work up the con and demo schedule for 2011 - there are simply too many good cons and activities for us to go to all of them! If you know of a good con in your area let us know! 

If we can make it perhaps we can set you up with a demo kit and you can introduce the DoCoE games to your friends at your local con!

If you know of a Doster Company:Entertainment event in your area, or if you would like to host an event at a shop or con near you, let Doster Company know and we will post the event here (and send some goodies to support the event!).

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