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The much anticipated release of the Boonya's Epic Voyage rulebook and miniatures has been announced for the Autumn of 2008! Unique miniatures have been sculpted by master sculptor Tom Meier and the rulebook has been written by game designer Nathan Doster for this exciting sequel to The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll

Designed to expand the rules and miniatures used in Piptwynn's Scroll, Boonya's takes an evening to play - and what better way to spend an evening than sailing the Turbulent Seas with Boonya and his hearty adventur'rs!


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 New and uniquely collectable miniatures have been added for Boonya's Epic Voyage.   You will want to collect them all!

Boonya bravely casts off on the Turbulent Sea.  He must rescue the Map Child... she knows the way to Dosuan!  follow the Map Child to learn the story...

More story and more details are added to the Dosuan Series of Games with the addition of Boonya's Epic Voyage - don't be left on the dockk when the fun starts!


The Story of the Map Child

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