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The Stormastr

The Stormastrs are members of the Meteorolgists’ Guild. They have a keen interest in all activities atmospheric. For this reason they are unaffected by the Sudden Storms that frequent the Crag. In fact, the Storms so inspire the Stormastrs that they will often seek a better vantage point from which to view its splendor. Rather than hunker down as is generally the case for Questrs, the Stormastr may move to an adjacent up-Crag Grid as soon as the Sudden Storm Occurrence happens. He will happily lead any other Quad members with him (it is always more fun to pontificate on the nuances of terrifying atmospheric phenomenon when you have an audience nearby). 

If the Quad is moving down the Crag at the time of the Sudden Storm, the Stormastr’s loyalty to the Quad and competitive nature and will resist the temptation to move to a higher Grid. Under these frustrating conditions the Stormastr can generally be seen standing full in the face of the tempest with fists upraised, robes whipping about, loudly singing their Stormastr Guild Lodge secret song (no one every has been able to hear it over the crashing of thunder and blasting winds). It helps them get through the conflicting desires and provides the rest of the Quad with an entertaining moment in an otherwise miserable situation.

It should be noted that, so interested are the Stormastrs in matters atmospheric, they will not enter a Cave Network (what if there were a random borealis occurrence and they were the only Guild member to miss it?!). They will make vague excuses and trottle on up the trail alone rather than enter the dark (skyless) Caves.

Though Stormastrs may seem a serious and absorbed lot to most of us, the fact is that long before they reached the esteemed membership of the Stormastrs Guild they were mischievous apprentices. During that period of their training, Stormastrs-to-be studied, among other things atmospheric, about the abundant static electricity found in the very air we breath – evidenced spectacularly in lightening storms. 

Pranksters that they are, Stormastrs have learned a simple (to them) parlor trick of focusing the static electricity in the surrounding atmosphere into a small (but annoying) lightening strike. This prank so amuses the Stormastrs that they have been known to use the trick during competitions to harry opposing teams. And while those struck by the lightening will often call foul, the discomfort is minor (though Stormastrs have been known to damage their own connective tissues with surpressed mirth at the results of their prank). A Questr that is struck by the Stormastrs lightening is so discombobulated that they lose the next Turn straightening their hair and calming their jangled nerves. A Stormastr can only muster adequate static electricity once every other Turn – so if he zapped someone last Turn he can not do so this Turn (but may do so at any Turn thereafter). The prank is always played during the Evening Phase and can be aimed at only one Questr that is within 2 Grids of the Stormastr.

Stormastrs, and those Quad members on the Grid with them are unaffected by Sudden Storms and do not lose a Turn as a result of a Sudden Storm. The Stormastr, and any Quad members on the Grid with him when the Storm strikes can move to a higher adjacent Grid immediately as the Storm strikes. Stormastrs will not go into Cave Networks. Stormastrs can zap a Questr within 2 Grids once every other Turn.

 Stormastrs are very competitive within their Guild taking pride in the accuracy of their weather forecasting skills. The revered Stormastr Bartoz once predicted a single raindrop a week before it fell!

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