This isn't chess sister... hit him!

energy to spare!

Anime Spirit!!!: Siblings Monsters in the video arcade... Bad guys terrorizing the ramen shop... and now mutants in the mall!!! one tough sister
Imoto - at thirteen the youngest of the sisters. A little sassy, but full of enthusiasm!

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Akai - a scrappy and smart-mouthed fifteen year old. Though she tends to be sulky, she is a good sister when needed! Help Akai train!
There is only one thing that can save the world! A very large dose of Anime Spirit!!! Of course it will only take a couple of school-girls and a few of their friends to do the job.

nothing a little applied science can't cure!

release: Summer of 2009... Anime Spirit!!! Siblings.  The future of the world depends on you buying this game. Put in a supply of Pockys and focus the power of Anime Spirit!!!

let's keep this place tidy... OK?

Miko - This seventeen year old spends most of her time immersed in the sciences. Always cool and analytical, with just the right solution on her belt! 

Miko needs a volunteer!

Kerei - At nineteen she is the eldest sister motherly type. Owner of a successful cookie shop, she is alway ready to dispense sage wisdom... with or without chocolate chips!

Now available! - collectable miniatures of the sisters!

To learn more about one of the sisters, click on her picture. Everyone has their favorite! Soon you'll be able to vote for your favorite sister! And when you do, you will be entered in a drawing for a GOLD PLATED VERY LIMITED EDITION MINIATURE FIGURINE OF YOUR FAVORITE!!!

I want it!!!!

Wow! this is very cool... what else is coming up?