Kind Lord Dosterhaven at the beach.

Nathan G. Doster, Lead Game Designer

Out of Mr. Doster's fertile mind have come the concepts  for dozens of fantasy worlds, including those found in The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll, Boonya's Epic Voyage and Settling Dosuan. 

Being a fan of Japanese Animation (anime) Mr. Doster has most recently worked on the Anime Spirit!!!: Siblings, and Thistledown Racers games.

He is currently working on two new projects; Piptwynn's Festival, which expands on The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll, and Settling Dosuan, which explores an entirely new aspect of the Dosuan world.

In addition to his work here, Mr. Doster has worked on projects in the collectible card game industry, the computer game industry and the board and miniatures game industry. He is also currently writing several novels based on the Dosuan fantasy world.

Other interests include fancy goldfish, growing miniature roses, bamboo, fruit cultivation (over 1200 blueberry bushes!),  and aviculture. He is also a musician, and artist. Mr. Doster is a certified educator and has spoken on subjects relating to non-violent game design, and the use of games in education.

Monthly Column #1 3/11/05

The world can be a complex and difficult place - or it can be a wonderfully beautiful place. We choose.

I have chosen to work toward the good. I surround myself with fragrant and beautiful flowers, exotic finches and marvelous fishes. I smile at strangers, pick up trash in the street, and take time to appreciate sunrises, sunsets, and interesting cloud formations. I dabble at art and listen to happy music. And I appreciate my friends and colleagues. 

I am delighted to share my joy with you through my games and books.


Nathan G. Doster

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