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The Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll is a competitive strategic miniatures game for two players in which each attempts, with the help of 4 Questrs to retrieve the Scroll and return it to the Council of Elders. The game features collectable miniatures elegantly sculpted by Tom Meier

DoCoE  November 2006 Specials!


Collector's Set - 10 Dosuan Deco Miniatures 



Collector's Set - 10 Dosuan Deco Miniatures Antiqued - hand picked pieces!  49.98
1000CE The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll- Collectors' Edition Boxed Set. Rulebook Signed by Author! Limited Offer! a $75 value! 39.98
1204 Apex Crystals - real crystals -superior quality! values to $12.50 on sale! 7.50


DoCoE embroidered hat

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DoCoE BOLD logo t-shirt. Nothing subtle about this logo!

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Boxed Set
1000 The Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll-boxed set 49.98
1000CE The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll - Collectors' Edition Boxed Set. Rulebook Signed by Author! Limited Time Offer!



1100 The Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll™, Rulebook Price Reduction!


Miniatures for The Quest for Piptwynn’s Scroll
1001 Quest Quad 4 Pk Questrs lead-free pewter 14.98
1002 Quest Quad 4 Pk Questrs Lim Ed Gold Plated Miniatures 39.98
1105 Herblist(female) 3.98
1107 Magikr, female 3.98
1115 Protektr, female 3.98
1126 TekMage, male 3.98
1130 Stormaster  NEW! 4.98
Miniatures for Boonya’s Epic Voyage
2100 Boonya - Magikr extraordinaire 4.98
2002 Map Child 3.98
2114 Capt'n 3.98
2116 Carp'ntr 3.98
2118 Haardhelm Divr 3.98
Official Dosuan Dice
4500 Dosuan Dicepack(tm) 5 pack of the dice necessary to play Dosuan(tm) games 5.98

Terrain Tokens

1201 Terrain Tokens Assortment A 4 pack including 2 Unstable Rockslides, 1 Refreshing Spring, 1 Ruins 5.98
1202 Crystal Cave - with real crystals! 6.98
1204 Apex Crystals - real Crag-top crystals! 7.98

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Anime Spirit!

3001 Anime Spirit!!!:Siblings Boxed Set (Summer 2004) 19.98
3010 Sibling Pak - all four sisters! 11.98
3011 Imoto 2.98
3012 Akai 2.98
3013 Miko 2.98
3014 Kerei 2.98

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