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So much new an exciting at Doster Gallery! Here is a sampling of some of the new items just in! We'll try to keep you informed about new items... but there are just too many! The best thing is to make a point to stop by Doster Gallery & Gifts every couple of weeks for a good browse. It's even more fun when you bring a friend along!

And remember the Blossom Festival Saturday March 6th! Ikebana flower arrangement demonstrations, vases, pots, bird houses, new dishes with flower motif, more wind chimes and much more!

Blossom Festival!


Gift Ideas for Hostesses

You've been invited over by a good friend... and you want to take something to show your appreciation... perhaps something that you can share? Something to commemorate the occasion, enhance the moment...



Bellagio Gourmet Cocoa and Chai! -

The delicious Bellagio Chai and Cocoa mixes have been so popular that we have restocked and expanded our cocoa and chai offering! Whether your preference is for a thick decadent Sipping Chocolate (my personal favorite!) - now also in Mint!, or a special treat of Caffe Hazelnut, you will find it at Doster Gifts Gallery!


Eclipse Chocolat!


Artisan Chocolate!

Of all the chocolate lines that Doster Gifts Gallery has carried, Eclipse Chocolat is by far the most popular! So of course we expanded the EC offering! In addition to the other popular chocolats, we have just received their Orange Peel Anise, Coconut Lime, Espresso Walnut, and Sweet Basil Mint! If you are a chocolat officianato you will definitely want to try them all! Life's too short not to!

Or here's an idea, give them to your best friend and let them share with you! Or get an assortment and have a tasting with family and friends at your next gathering!


Tea Forte'!

Tea Forte' teas and cups are excellent gifts for a hostess, friend or a birthday!


Gift Ideas for Housewarming

Your good friends have moved into a wonderful new home! Take them something special from Doster Gifts Gallery!

Starting with something with which to toast their good fortune!

Red Wine Stemware!

Eligant and colorful stemware!

Soap Rocks!

Soap Gemstones

You would not believe how good these smell!! And how amazingly beautiful they look! These alone are worth a visit to Doster Gift Gallery. The image above does not do these amazing works of soap art justice - the Moonstone, Opal, Peridot, Fire Geode... well, all of them! Made of natural ingredients in the USA! A new restock shipment has recently arrived - come in soon for best selection!


Jars Vases!

Jars Vases!

Elegant and colorful Jars vases from France. Perfect for any entertainer, or flower lover. Or to brighten a corner... or enliven an intimate dinner... they will fit in with any decor!



Gift Ideas For Birthdays

Of course Doster Gifts Gallery is full of great birthday gifts! But to kind of get you warmed up, here are just a few ideas!

Baggallini Baggs!

Deslgned by Stewardesses for the busy woman on the go!

Up Town Bagg


Inside the Messenger

Plus ditto everything above and below!



Gift Ideas for Friendship

Doster Gifts Gallery always has a wonderful assortment of gifts for your special friends. Whether it is a desire to get something big and special, or just a little something to show your appreciation, you'll find it at Doster Gifts Gallery!

Photo Bookmarks!

Photo Bookmarks! What a wonderful gift!


Butterfly Garlands!

Butterfly Garlands, and now Dragonfly Garlands!

You've enjoyed seeing them hanging in the front window at Doster Gifts Gallery, why not have the same pleasure at home? Or in your cubical at work? At color and fun where ever they are!

Blooming Flower Tea!

Blooming Flower Tea

Since when did brewing tea turn into preformance art? Since Doster Gifts Gallery brought in Blooming Flower Tea, that's when! If you have never experienced the wonder of brewing one of these amazing balls of tea, then your life is as yet unfulfilled! An ancient art form, the tea ball actually blooms into a beautiful flower! Four blossoms and blends to choose from!


Gift Ideas for Weddings!


zak! nested mixing bowl set!


Just when you thought Doster Gifts Gallery couldn't get any more colorful... WE DID!!! Yup, we now have zak!

There is absolutely no reason to have a drab life now. Even mixing up a batch of pancakes can be a delightful experience from now on - so long as the mixing is done in one of these incredible melamine bowls!

Oceana Dichroic Glass Serving Trays and Bowls!

Probably one of our most popular items in December - the Dichroic Glass Serving Trays. Amazingly affordable and incredibly beautiful. A unique Wedding Gift they are sure to appreciate and use throughout the years! Sure to become a family heirloom! So popular have these items been, that Doster Gifts Gallery has restocked and expanded the line! Even more to choose from!




That's right, if it's fun and makes your life just a bit nicer... you'll find it at Doster Gifts Gallery.





Baggallini Baggs!

Just had to show more of the Baggallini Baggs because they are so perfect for so many gift giving occasions!

Up Town Bagg

The Uptown Bagg.

Inside the Uptown Bagg

and the inside of the Uptown Bagg

Bon Voyage Bagg

The Bon Voyage Bagg

Inside the Bon Voyage

and inside the Bon Voyage Bagg

Messenger Bagg

The Messenger Bagg

Inside the Messenger

and inside the Messenger Bagg

We've got more Baggs... but you get the idea. And now you have an idea of how badly you want one...




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Current Exhibition at the Doster Gallery – An Eclectic Art Blend version 01

A Something for Everyone! Show!

Love's Web

Love's Web

Mixed Media; polymer clay, acrylic paint, fabric, LED lights